Mass production / cold Plastic forming of metals (presses)
  • Stamping, bending, punching,

Tools service, metal cutting and EDM service
  • Milling, turning, drilling, boring,reaming
  • EDM: electro-erosion / wire  

Turnkey Solutions
  • Design and construction, modification, regeneration of punches, dies
  • Sign and construction, modification, regeneration of injection molds, laser welding
  • heat treatment (hardening, nitriding)

Dies, stamping dies, bending tools / dies and injection molds, we prepare relying on documentation entrusted by the client or we create a complete 3D design in accordance with the guidelines of the customer.  The project is subject to approval and verification – finally it is attached to the mold made by us or to the tool.

Our offer also includes the regeneration and repair of injection molds. Damaged cores, broken ejectors, preconceived slot, laser surfacing operations – all these problems we are able to cope with.

We make / produce  details / pieces according to technical documentation / 2D or 3D models / supplied by the Client, as well as on the basis of our production preparation department, which supports an innovative approach to processes using productive machining methods and strategies...